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Insurance and Guarantee

In Georgia, it is only legally required for a company in our line of work to carry a General Liability policy. This policy protects yourself and our company from any damages caused on your property by negligence of our work crews. Every legal operating company in Canton carries this insurance.

Very few companies carry Workman's Compensation. This policy is legally required, though most companies find way around purchasing this policy. In most cases, only the owner of the company is covered and the actual employees who clean your gutters and work on your roof are independent contractors, who aren't covered, or are day laborers, who are not legal employees. If an accident were to happen to an uninsured worker on your property, you and your homeowner's insurance could be in an actionable position legally.

When you book with us, we will send a copy of our insurance certificate by fax or email the same day. All our employees are fully covered. Fully insured companies charge more than those that are uninsured (they even charge more than us, and we're fully insured too!), so homeowners are tempted to take a chance on the uninsured to save money. Understand that it is a chance, and idea of insurance means not having to take that chance.

45 DAY WRITTEN GUARANTEE (Gutter Cleaning)

We are the best gutter cleaners in Canton, as our actions back up our words, these words will back up our actions. Unless otherwise noted above that there is a major downspout clog which requires the downspout removed to clean properly, we guarantee your gutters and downspouts on your home are completely free of debris at the completion of our cleaning. If within 45 days of our cleaning service water does not drain properly from the top to the bottom of the downspout running the full vertical length of your home due to debris we missed in our original cleaning, we will redo the cleaning at no charge.


All gutter and roof repairs, including shingles, vent boots, ridge caps, flashing, leaks, resecures, and replacement of any piece or area of roof and/or gutter are guaranteed against any faulty or condition of ill-repair for a total of three years. This warranty covers problems which specifically may arise due to faulty product and/or installation of product. Parts or areas which become damaged due to weather conditions, animals and/or wildlife intervention, and acts of God are not covered under the warranty. Having a repair serviced by another company voids the warranty.

For seam repairs, gutters MUST be cleaned every 6 months, or decaying debris will eat the seams away. We cannot honor warranties for leaking seams we've repaired that become damaged again by neglect.

5 YEAR GUARANTEE (fully-covered guard)

Upon installation of our brand of fully-covered no-clog cover, we hereby certify and guarantee that there will be no need of the cleaning of the actual gutters for at least a minimum term of 5 years. If debris should make it past the cover and into the gutter during this term and that debris causes a clog in the downspouts or flow of water through the gutters and/or downspouts, we will return the the home and clean the gutter system out at no charge. Parts or areas which become damaged due to weather conditions, animals and/or wildlife intervention, and acts of God are not covered under the warranty. Having a repair serviced by another company voids the warranty.

NOTE: It is our recommendation that you clean the tops of the covers every one to three years keep the slits free of clogging if you have a low-pitched roof. This is the regular maintenance necessary to insure the product works properly, and is not covered by the warranty. We can blow out the slits and clear the tops of the covers for a minimum service call of $90.00. Warranty only covers homes where every footage of gutter is covered by the product.


Upon installation of a complete and brand new gutter system, the gutter materials are under warranty not to rust for twenty years (lifetime warranty). Labor is under warranty for three years. Seams are guaranteed not to leak for three years with proper cleaning maintenance, or 5 years with cover installation. New gutters are guaranteed not to pull away from the fascia board for 5 years. This warranty covers problems which specifically may arise due to faulty product and/or installation of product. Parts or areas which become damaged due to weather conditions, animals and/or wildlife intervention, and acts of God are not covered under the warranty. Having a repair serviced by another company voids the warranty.


Payment Due

Payment is due within 5 days of the service being completed. After 5 days, we begin an automatic process of reminding our customers by email and postal mail of the balance due and the numerous ways one can settle the account. Though we have the discretion to do so at any time, we typically do not call customers till a bill is 30 days past due. At 45 days past due, we place a lien on the property. At 90 days past due, we file a FIFA with the court.


A customer can, of course, cancel at any time. However, if the customer waits and cancels us at the door, after we have already invested money and time to do the job, there is a $90 trip charge that we must charge. If your job requries materials, and we have already purchased those materials, and the materials are custom and we cannot reuse them for another service, ie pressed-out gutters or chimney pans, then the customer is still responsible for the material cost. The minute you decide you do not want to use our service, you must contact us immediately.

Water is Off

We consider it common sense that water should be turned on for when we come out to perform a cleaning service. We use outside water to wash any debris that falls on the side of a house. In the email we send customers with their date of service, there is a list of responsibilites that the customer has, including making sure the outside water is on. If we arrive to do a cleaning, and cannot use the outside water, we can return to finish the clean up for $45.

Pressure Washing Water Damage

Pressure Washing WILL significantly test the strength, construction, and integrity of the structure being cleaned, especially in ways that normal rain and weather have not. IF you have any pre-existing issues with your home, wether you are aware of them or not, (for example, leaks in sealants around windows, roofline, cracks in foundation and masonry, rotted wood underneath paint, loose siding, damage to structure, chipping paint) the pressure washing CAN POSSIBLY stress these issues, causing water damage or water to get into the home. A home that is in complete good repair will not be affective negatively by our pressure washing or damaged in any way. By accepting the pressure washing service, the customer acknowledges that Canton's Best Gutter Cleaners is not responsible for any pre-existing damage to my home, whether the customer is aware of the damage before or not, discovered during the pressure washing or discovered as a result of the pressure washing, as well ask acknowledging that Canton's Best Gutter Cleaners is not responsible for water getting into the house or water damage that may occur to the home due to pre-existing issues in regards to the home that affect the waterproofing of the home. As an example, if siding is loose or the foundation has a crack and water gets into the home during the pressure washing, we would not be responsible or liable for these issues.

Rotted Wood

If your roof has rotted wood, it is imperitive that inform us of this BEFORE we do the cleaning, and point out the areas that are rotted. Hiring any company to clean the gutters while you have rotted deck boards is dangerous and irresponsible. Our Certainteed Certified roofers do their best to be careful and test the roof as they go for soft spots or rotted areas, but this isn't always possible. A roof in proper maintenance can hold 450 lbs on it with ease. If our crews step on an area that is rotted and create a hole in the roof, they will temporarily seal the hole immediately. If the hole they created was an accident on our part and the wood was fine, we will fix the hole at no charge. If the wood is rotted, then they will give you an estimate for fixing the area as the rotted wood is a pre-existing condition and not the fault of our crews. If the wood is rotted, they will take phots and a sample of the wood.

We Do Not Guarantee Leaks, Just Repairs

If a customer is having leaking in the roof, we examine the roof as thoroughly as we can and, if we see anything that is not in proper condition, we recommend the repair of that area of roof. Leaks that come into your attic are tricky and can be the result of many different things, such as plumbing, HVAC units, gutters overflowing, holes in the roof, chimney, etc. We do our best to ascertain the specific cause of the leak by finding what on the roof is damaged, cracked, loose, or missing in the area of concern and then offer to perform the repair. When we do this repair, we guaranteed that the work we did will not lead to a leak and that the repair is done properly with quality materials. Now, after we do this repair, the leak may persist because the water is coming from somewhere else, either a pipe or appliance in the roof, or the water enters in a separate location and travels or pools to the area of concern. If this is the case, it doesn't mean that the repair we did was unnecessary or faulty. We only repair or replace things on the roof that are damaged or missing. It just means that the damage we repaired wasn't causing the leak you noticed. We are glad to return a check out our work if there is ever a concern, but we do not discount or refund any roof repairs because an area we never did work at is causing a leak.

Fixing leaks is a diagnostic activity where you fix the most notably damaged area and hope that the leak was coming from this particular spot. If it turns out the leak was coming from somewhere else, that doesn't negate or change the fact that the repair we did was still needed and necessary to the roof. If you go to a mechanic because there is a noise coming from under the car, and they see you have a flat, they'll recommend fixing the flat. If you drive away, and the noise is still there, it doesn't mean that fixing the flat wasn't necessary, and they will not refund money for replacing a tire that you approved that was in bad condition.

Discount Do Not Accrue or Combine

Typically when a customer uses us for the first time, we give them a discount for trying us out. We send an email with the price in writing and notation of the discount. Outside of signing up for an annual agreement or taking advantage of a special that we have, your regular price before the first time customer discount will always be your price. Although we always have the right to raise prices, we don't typically do this on a regular basis. If we did your home last year for $10 off at the price of $115, and you get another $10 off coupon this year, it won't make the price $105. You just end up paying the same price as last time. If we did let coupons accrue, then eventually the service would be free, and after that we would be paying you.

We also must note that we do not combine coupons. If you receive a coupon or discount from us, and find the discount somewhere else, then you must choose one of the discounts to use. Whenever we provide discounts, it is already the lowest discount we can provide, making it impossible to provide additional discounts for seniors, students, military, or any other special interest group. We respect and listen to our seniors, honor and regard the military, and guide and congratulate the students; but our regular prices are already lower than our professional competitors, and whatever discounts or coupons we provide usually bring us to such a point that even $1 less would make the job impossible.

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If a gutter cleaning company has a business license, is fully-insured by worker's compensation and general liability insurance, advertises gutter cleaning as the main function of their business, and has a lower price than us, we will be the price by 10%.

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